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Interview with Nick Ruth

What are your favorite books?
I like books by Steven R. Donaldson, and history books.

What are your hobbies?
I play guitar in a church folk group, and I like to read.

What kind of education and interests did you have?
I liked theater a lot, and I liked biology, and got a degree in biology

What things gave you the ideas for your books?
My son's imaginative Lego creations, a glass wand that my son saved up for and purchased, and stories that we made up to entertain ourselves.

We all know there are rules to magic. In your books, what kind of rules do you have?
Magic cannot be all powerful.

Do you have something that you hate?
No, hate is too strong a word

Who is your best friend?
My wife.

What is your favorite TV show?
Lost, and also Friends.

What is your favorite music?
Beatles music, and musicals.

How long were you a un-published author, and did you want to be published?
I never set out to be a author.

How did you get in touch with all the people who helped with the book?
Friends and family contributed their expertise.

What is your favorite thing?
Sleeping and a good book.